What Tests Help To Determine Erectile Dysfunction? Which Treatments Are Available?

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

W hat tests help to determine erectile dysfunction (ED)? Which treatments are available? If you happen to be suffering from impotence in men , it is quite likely that you might have gone to see a male doctor specialist who might have told you to go and get an erectile dysfunction test done, to determine whether or not you are suffering from ED. So, you might be wondering what tests are carried out to determine whether or not you are suffering from male sexual impotence . Here is the answer you have been looking for.

Tests Carried Out To Determine Erectile Dysfunction

To determine whether or not you are suffering from reason of weakness in man and to determine which line of treatment would likely be best for you, in case you are suffering from erectile dysfunction , a number of tests can be carried out, such as:

  • Ultrasound: In this test, a video image is created and thus the doctor can see if you have any problems with the flow of your blood.
  • Physical Examination: This can include checking your nerves to see the sensation and it can also include a thorough examination of your testicles and penis.
  • Blood Tests: A sample of your blood will be taken and this will be sent to the laboratory to check and see if you have a low testosterone level or diabetes or some kind of heart disease or any other health problem.
  • Psychological Examination: The doctor would ask you various questions to find out if you are suffering from depression or if there is another possible reason as to why you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction .
  • Urinalysis: This is a urine test that is done to see if you have problems like diabetes or any other health issues.

As you can see, there are a number of tests that can be carried out, to determine whether or not you are suffering from weakness of man in bed and the good news for you is that if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms , then you have no cause to worry, as there are a number of erectile dysfunction treatment that are available and one of them is bound to be the right one for you.

Treatments Available For Erectile Dysfunction

There are so many different kinds of treatments that are there to deal with ED, one of them is bound to work on you and even if one of them does not, a combination of treatments is sure to work on you and treat your ED. Here are some of the male sexual dysfunction treatment that are available to deal with ED:

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Available Medications :

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  • World Class Oral Drugs: These are drugs used by men all over the world, in treating erectile dysfunction and the men who have used them have been able to get hard and firm erections, allowing them to have very pleasurable sex, for many hours. These drugs are Cenforce, Tadalista, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadarise, Vidalista, Avaforce, Malegra, Suhagra, Tadacip, Fildena and Filagra.
  • Vacuum Erection Devices: Here, over the penis, a plastic cylinder is placed. A pump, which can either be battery operated or manual, creates a vacuum suction, on the inside of the cylinder. And in this way, blood goes into the penis and gives a man a hardon.
  • Exercise: This is said to be one of the very best ways of treating ED. Going for a walk for at least 30 minutes a day, daily, helps a lot. Or, you can go swimming. That too helps in dealing with ED. Then there are Kegel exercises, which are pelvic floor exercises, which also help tremendously in treating ED. Also, there are various yoga asanas that are believed to work great for treating ED. There are a number of exercises that can be done for treating erectile dysfunction . But you need to keep in mind that when you start exercising, take things slowly, start exercising slowly, else you may hurt yourself very badly.
  • Smoking: Not smoking is definitely very beneficial in the treatment of male impotency.
  • Physical Therapy: By going to a physical therapist, you would get to do and learn a lot of exercises that can help you in treating male impotency.
  • Fruits And Foods: A diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, fish and vegetables, works great in treating erectile dysfunction . Eating lesser amounts of refined grains and processed meat or none at all of these, also helps in treating male impotency. Some fruits and foods that work just great in the treatment of ED are tomatoes, ginger, coffee, avocados, bananas, spinach, carrots, watermelons and pomegranates.
  • Herbs: There are some of herbs that are used in treating ED and one of these is Ginkgo biloba, which works by dilating the blood vessels and letting the blood flow to the penis, giving a man an erection. Another herb that is very famous in treating ED, is the Korean herb called red ginseng. Yet another famous herb that is used in the treatment of ED is Yohimbine, which is made from the bark of a tree that is found in Africa.
  • Injections: Injections are given into the side of the penis or into the base of the penis. This allows the blood to start flowing into the penis and causing an erection.
  • Alcohol: Not having alcohol, is also a very good way of treating ED.
  • Penile Implants: This is a medical device that is placed inside the penis. Once this has been activated, a man can keep up his erection, for as long as he wishes to do so.
  • Staying Slim: Size definitely does matter, when it comes to treating male impotency. Having a slim waistline is definitely a good defense against getting ED or treating it.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine: One very famous ayurvedic medicine that is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction , is known as Withania somnife. It is also known as ashwagandha or Indian ginseng. Yet another ayurvedic medicine that is used in treating male impotency is known as Asparagus racemosus and this herb is found in many places in Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Chlorophytum borivilianum or Safed musli is another ayurvedic medicine that is used in treating male impotency and this medicine has shown to work like an aphrodisiac.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments At Your Door

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